Mesana was founded to offer medium-sized Spanish companies an advisory service that meets the quality standards that large investment banks offer to large companies. Spain is a market of small and medium-sized companies, for whom finding first-rate advisors is not easy.  That is precisely the niche that we want to cover and where we can add significant value. We are backed by 10 years of experience and more than 30 closed operations working in top-tier investment banks.


Mesana distinguishes itself by offering top-quality transaction advice to mid-market companies in Spain. Our services include:

  • Sell-sides
  • Buy-sides
  • Capital raising
  • Leverage buy-outs (LBOs)
  • Management buy-outs (MBOs) and Management buy-ins (MBIs)


Mesana has a broad experience in analyzing company's debt capacity and optimal capital structure, as well as identifying available funding sources and other financial alternatives. Our services include:

  • Bank Financing: Refinancing and Restructuring.
  • Direct lending: Direct financing operations in which one or more non-bank entities lend capital to the company, adapting the structure to the specific needs of the company, which allows the amortization schedule, interest payments and maturity to be personalized.


Mesana advises shareholders and management teams on the optimization of the company's financial management, either to achieve a more efficient management or to prepare the company for a sale process, capital increase or access to the debt market.